AL23 Sludge Blanket

Detection of sludge Blanket/supernatant interface in settling tanks
• Simple to read bar graph LED display
• Acoustic indication of sludge density
• Rugged measuring head with 10m long cable (optional 20m), marked in 0.5m intervals
• Battery operated for field operation

The AL 23 Sludge Blanket Detector is a portable battery operated instrument. It is designed for the rapid detection of sludge blanket levels in final settlement tanks (FST) on waste water treatment plants.
The instrument is calibrated 0 – 100% transmission, where 100% represents the supernatant and 0% the approximate value of the settled sludge.
The measuring cell-sensor comprises of an LED and photocell combination mounted in the transmission mode in a black acetyl
U-shaped head unit. A 10 metre graduated cable, 0.5 metre increments, is fitted as standard. Other lengths are available as an option, up to 20 metres The Instrument and sensor are supplied in a rugged waterproofed carrying case fitted with a body strap to facilitate “hands-free” operation of the system.

P100 series

  • Measuring in % saturation and mg/l with 0-50 °C temperature range
  • New cartridge style galvanic cell “sealed for life”
  • Minimum guaranteed 12 months operation from each sensor
  • Automatic single point calibration
  • Dual display of Oxygen and Temperature
  • Sensor diagnostics
  • Standard or rechargeable 9v battery
  • Logging capability

This robust introduction to the pHOENIX  range is designed primarily for field applications.  The carrying case can be worn around the neck to facilitate ease of sensor deployment and access to instrument controls.

The Series 200 sensor can be totally submersed up to the maximum cable length of 100 metres and will operate for a minimum of 12 months without electrolyte replacement.  The IC200 plug in cartridge can be replaced in seconds with an exchange factory refurbished spare which is supplied at a minimal charge.

The P100 is a single point calibration instrument which is carried out automatically against air saturated water or ambient air.

Plug In Sensor PC200

The easy to replace PC200 ‘Plug in Cartridge’ is guaranteed to operate for a minimum of 12 months but generally will give 16-18 months service provided it is properly maintained.  At the end of its operational life the exhausted

cartridge can be exchanged with pHOENIX or their agent for a minimal charge. Alternatively a service kit is available to carry out in-house refurbishment.  The PC200 is also compatible with most pHOX DO systems